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The interview essay gives the reader a general impression of the interview subject and presents their thoughts on a select group of topics. Some people never understand the role of the interview in their life. But a good essay writer knows how to prepare an interview essay for a dream job. This type of essay allows you to use people as your sources rather than books. It is a common school assignment and beneficial for those who are interested in journalism or want to become a writer. An interview essay offers deep insights about the interviewee’s point of view on major topics to the reader.

Types of Interview Essay

An interview is a foremost step for selecting an employee. It is a popularly used selection technique. It is not only for a job but also for counseling, placement, separation, and admission to higher education students. Numerous types of interview essays exist and depend on different organizations. Some important types of interview essays are given below, one of which can be used for your assignment:

Narrative Interview Essay

When writing the narrative interview essay, it is important to change the dialogue into the first-person or third-person speech. A professional writer can maintain the audience’s interest by switching a typical dialogue into an attractive narrative interview essay. Divide the narrative interview essay in this way:

Start the essay with an interesting quote.

Introduce the characters and background. Present why the interview is important.

Explain the expertise of the person.

Use strong evidence.

Close the essay with a friendly note.

Career Interview Essay

A career interview essay helps the job applicant to obtain the offer in the question-answer style. It will be original if the applicant writes a story instead of a regular resume and cover letter. Numerous questions help to gather necessary information about the applicant.

Is there any skill or knowledge that makes the person stand out from other candidates?

Write down personal goals, social status, and other things that describe the person.

Why are you capable of this job?

Leadership Essay

In a leadership essay, explain different leadership forms and share valuable information on becoming a leader. Create a list of questions based on what professional journalists ask when speaking to business authorities or celebrities. Also, pick the best questions from the job interview surveys.

Personal Interview

A personal interview depends on the question and answer format. This type of essay is based on the questions and answers from the personal interview. This essay does not contain any research or write my essay service thoughts. The personal interview essay is based on the notes that are taken during the interview.

How to Write an Interview Essay?

Planning is a key part of any process. Writing the interview essay requires some planning, and its structure is different from other types of academic papers. Here is a guide on how to write a well-written interview essay.

Pick a Topic

Pick a topic that you find interesting and have some solid background knowledge about it. It will serve as a guide on selecting the person.

Identify the Purpose of Your Paper

The purpose of the paper decides your subject and audience. It also depends on your piece of writing, whether it is educative or informative.

Research the Subject

Do some research so that you will understand the interview subject and produce the quality material. Make your essay attractive by asking questions and help the audience to discover new information. You need to read books and interviews related to the subject and develop a captivating essay.

Prepare Interview Questions

Asking quality questions is an important part of a great interview paper. Use direct and open-ended questions to get detailed answers from the interviewee. Organize the question to depend on its importance.

Arrange the Interview

When you decide the questions and understand the subject for the interview, contact the resource person. Set up the date, time, and location-based on what is more convenient for the interviewee.

Take Notes

Takes notes during the interview, and if you have permission, you can also record the interview.

Create an Outline

An interview paper contains an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introductory paragraph captures the reader’s attention and motivates them to continue reading the paper. The body paragraphs provide details on the main points of the interview. In conclusion, summarize the main arguments.


Proofread the essay many times before submitting it. Check all the grammatical mistakes. Send your essay to friends or teachers and get feedback from them. Before publishing, make sure that your essay is free from all the mistakes.

Structure of an Interview Essay

The structure of an interview essay is not complex; it is similar to other types of essays. It also contains three sections:

Introduction: This section contains information related to the interviewee, their activities, skill, etc. It also states the thesis statement, gives a clear idea, and the central point of your work.

Body Paragraphs: Discuss the interview topic and mention all the essential parts in this section. Describe the main idea from different perspectives based on the interview you conducted.

Conclusion: In the conclusion section, write the overall opinion related to the topic discussed in the interview. Provide a final closing argument and no need to express new ideas and arguments in conclusion. Write those that are already present in the body paragraphs and logically end the conclusion.


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